How to travel with your partner and not kill them – Learning to get along

I am sharing this info not because I like to air my dirty laundry but because I’m sure everyone goes through it and some do not make it. Our second big issue in the outback was each other. Somewhere between the first blissful months of traveling with your significant other, and, in our case month … Continue reading How to travel with your partner and not kill them – Learning to get along


What to do in the Aussie Outback

Our first outback stint was on a cattle station. Over 150kms to the nearest grocery store but maybe 30kms to the famous Mckinlay bar where they filmed the Crocodile Dundee Movies. The owner had 2 farms, 1 for him and 1 for us. We had a little house with a big screened in veranda that over looked … Continue reading What to do in the Aussie Outback

Aussie Outback here we come

After our short time eating free and cheap fruits and veggies in the campgrounds of Childers we found a job via the internet site Travelers at work or A cattle station was looking for an extra hand or 2 for a short season in the Queensland outback. 1-3 months he said, so we were … Continue reading Aussie Outback here we come

Myanmar and the City of Angels

The country of Myanmar, which was formally known as Burma is one of my all time favorite countries to visit.  The streets are alive with the most beautiful people on the planet.  My first experience in the country after leaving Western culture put a huge smile on my face and left me sitting back in … Continue reading Myanmar and the City of Angels

Walking through the rubble you are taken to a place where only dreams can describe…

Made famous by Angelina Jolie and the popular movie Tomb Raider, Cambodia and the Angkor temples receive almost 2 million visitors annually. The temples of the Angkor area number over one thousand, ranging in scale from nondescript piles of brick rubble scattered through rice fields to the magnificent Angkor Wat, said to be the world's … Continue reading Walking through the rubble you are taken to a place where only dreams can describe…

Win FREE 8×10 of this print

Win FREE 8x10 of this print All you have to do is head to my facebook page LIKE, COMMENT then SHARE the contest link on the wall.  That is it, easy as 1-2-3 and you could win your very own print for FREE!!!! (This is a world-wide contest) Here is the facebook link: Thank … Continue reading Win FREE 8×10 of this print

Gorgeous coastlines, surfing and treks all in Noosa Heads

Before we came to Australia a friend recommended we stop in Noosa. I’m so glad he did.  It's actually something we try to do on a regular basis now; travel upon recommendation, it's the easiest way to get to the most amazing places you'll never find on a map.  Noosa is right between Brisbane and … Continue reading Gorgeous coastlines, surfing and treks all in Noosa Heads

Brisbane the land of Sunsets

After taking our time relaxing our minds, bodies and souls in the Byron Bay area of Australia it was time for us to go back to the “real” world and get a job. Unfortunatly we didn’t make enough selling feather earrings on the footpath to subsidise our whole trip. So off to Brisbane we went … Continue reading Brisbane the land of Sunsets

10 Things About Living Abroad: No Turning Back

Nadie’s words: I read this entry and couldn’t agree more. Thank you Rachel Rae for putting my thoughts on paper.

I would love to add that for me traveling has been the most eye opening, humbling, beautiful experience I have ever had. The places and cultures you see will stay with you for a lifetime. These instant friendships with people from all around the globe are set in stone by common experiences and a passion for the unknown.

I have learned what it is like to be a minority, to feel racism first hand, to be an “immigrant” and be treated differently because of it, to not be able to pick up a language in the country I am in. I have also felt the kindness of a stranger taking me into their home to shelter and feed me. I have learned sign language that any human can understand. I have learned the power of a smile and the true meaning of happiness.

My eyes have been opened to a new way of seeing people, the world and myself and for this I thank travel and the world and all the people in it. Each and every person and place deserves to be treated with love and respect, I know I do, and I know you do too.
Travel, it will blow your mind!

Getting to know the locals in Malaysia
Getting to know the locals in Malaysia

Malay Sunset

Thought Catalog

Moving around the world teaches you many things. It isn’t for everyone. It takes a special type of person to be able to do what we do. Packing up all your things into two carry-on bags and two checked pieces of luggage is struggles in itself, and to generalize imagine being a woman! I could only bring 10 pairs of shoes! Your mother will go through that luggage and make you narrow it down to seven cardigans instead of 17 and she will remind you that those shorts still don’t fit and haven’t fit for 3 years, you should probably just let them go. Along with letting those shorts go you are also letting go of friendships, relationships, comfort.

A wise man told me that the reason we move to new countries is because we are either running from or running to something. I laughed and thought he was crazy…

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