What to do in the Aussie Outback

Our first outback stint was on a cattle station. Over 150kms to the nearest grocery store but maybe 30kms to the famous Mckinlay bar where they filmed the Crocodile Dundee Movies. The owner had 2 farms, 1 for him and 1 for us. We had a little house with a big screened in veranda that over looked … Continue reading What to do in the Aussie Outback


Aussie Outback here we come

After our short time eating free and cheap fruits and veggies in the campgrounds of Childers we found a job via the internet site Travelers at work or TAW.com. A cattle station was looking for an extra hand or 2 for a short season in the Queensland outback. 1-3 months he said, so we were … Continue reading Aussie Outback here we come

Brisbane the land of Sunsets

After taking our time relaxing our minds, bodies and souls in the Byron Bay area of Australia it was time for us to go back to the “real” world and get a job. Unfortunatly we didn’t make enough selling feather earrings on the footpath to subsidise our whole trip. So off to Brisbane we went … Continue reading Brisbane the land of Sunsets