Myanmar and the City of Angels

The country of Myanmar, which was formally known as Burma is one of my all time favorite countries to visit.  The streets are alive with the most beautiful people on the planet.  My first experience in the country after leaving Western culture put a huge smile on my face and left me sitting back in comfort and in love with the Burmese.  We were traveling to our hotel in Yangon after a long and tiring trip.  My mind thought back to the experience of getting to this moment; the flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur, the  overnighter on the cold concrete ground outside of the KL airport that was closed for fumigation between 12 and 3am that night, meeting up with my long-time friend and new travel companion Jen in the morning, then the flight and immigration here in Myanmar.  Finally after leaving my temporary home in Australia 24 hours ago, I am sitting in an old beat up taxi van watching the city zoom by, trailing dust in our path.  After navigating through the hundreds of turns and pushing through traffic that would rival the roads of Vietnam we came to a stop and listened to our driver yell out in English to another parked vehicle. “Hey man, you’re in my way” our driver exclaimed with a honk of the horn.  I start tensing up waiting for the onslaught of road rage to begin but was more startled to hear “Ya man I know…I move”.  I watch as the two men wave and laugh hard belly laughs with each other before the guy slowly moves into traffic and on his way.  At that moment I fell in love and vowed to return to this magical place.
nadbrad photography of Burma Myanmar
How I got this shot:
Canon 40D, 10-20mm Lens, f/5, 1/125 sec shutter, ISO 500
I took this shot in the Entrance way to a Temple at Sunset.  The way the sun was coming into the archway and the local man’s bike waiting for him to finish selling his paintings to the tourists inside was picture perfect.  I hand-held, as I do for most of my shots while I travel so I bumped up my shutter speed.  I wanted the archway and bike to be in focus but not the temple behind so I opened the Aperture up to f/5 then bumped my ISO to 500 so it would still expose correctly.  I only got a few shots off before the local man came out and took the bike home but I was happy with what I captured in the moment.
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