Went for a drive then this happened…

Australia calm Waters

It was a windy, rainy day in Cape Howe National Park, on the South coast of Western Australia.  Hanging out on the coast was proving to be a cold experience so we went for a drive for some reprieve.  After winding around rolling hills along the water we came to the end of the road and found this inlet at our feet.  Completely calm with mountains in the distance and an old pier in the water.

How I got this shot:

I set up my Canon 40D with a 10-20mm lens on a tripod then added a 9stop ND filter and polarizing filter to the mix.  Clipped in the remote shutter release and locked up the mirror for the least amount of camera vibrations.  Set the camera to Manual and dialed in ISO 100, f/14 and a 10s shutter speed to smooth out the water and add movement into the clouds.  From there it was just finding the perfect angle and voila!


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