Gorgeous coastlines, surfing and treks all in Noosa Heads

Australia Beach

Before we came to Australia a friend recommended we stop in Noosa. I’m so glad he did.  It’s actually something we try to do on a regular basis now; travel upon recommendation, it’s the easiest way to get to the most amazing places you’ll never find on a map.  Noosa is right between Brisbane and Fraser Island and is an epic little surf and tourist town. We stayed in town at the local Scouts Camp for around $15-20 a night for a few days then headed out of town to a cheaper camp. Go to the info center when you first get into town, the ladies are so informative and they had a list of cheap camp accommodations we could check out, both our spots were on the list.

Path to the edge
Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the 2nd place we stayed but it was fun. We realized we were camping in tent city where people have actually made this campground their home when we met a resident camper. His name was Dave and he was a singer. A big jolly man with a computer full of pictures he was dying to share. One of the most honest, loving, giving men I have ever met. He made our stay and other traveler’s stay a very welcoming experience.

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As for the town, it has a great homey atmosphere with lots of tasty sushi spots and a beautiful beach. You can rent a surf board and try catching one of the perfect waves along the east edge of Laguna Bay (awesome!) or go for a trail walk through the national park (beautiful!) and down to Sunshine beach. There are many activities to partake in but if you’re on the cheap like us then beaching and trails can keep you just as busy for a week as any of the tours and watercraft rentals.  This is a town you can not miss!!


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