Brisbane the land of Sunsets

mountain sunsetAfter taking our time relaxing our minds, bodies and souls in the Byron Bay area of Australia it was time for us to go back to the “real” world and get a job. Unfortunatly we didn’t make enough selling feather earrings on the footpath to subsidise our whole trip. So off to Brisbane we went to meet up with a friend we met earlier at Yabby Lake Vineyard in Victoria.
Nathan opened his arms and house to us and let us stay with him while we looked for work and got our city life together. He lived in an amazing suburb just north of Brisbane called Redcliff. This area is known for the canal system that runs through the community to house everyone’s personal seacrafts in their backyards. Everyday we walked out to the dock in the back and watched the tides change and the jellyfish play. 100’s of Jellyfish actually, came in with the tides and were stranded on the banks when the water descended, leaving them as great targets for the crabs to feast on before the water came back in and lifted them back to safety. The sun sets and sun rises were equally fascinating in this area, with gorgeous colours that reached across the skies. It was peaceful.
But Brisbane area didn’t want us. We searched for hours every day dropping off resumes and talking to people but it was no use trying to find a job out there for us, call it bad timing, call it destiny (or whatever). We had no luck, and after 3 weeks of trying we needed to move on. While we were there though, we sure had a blast. Nathan our friend, housemate, landlord and rockstar, introduced us to his life. We met great people, got to see the city and the country side, checkout the beaches and sights, it was great. We were both so taken with the kindness and hospitality shown to us there. We may have overstayed our welcome but it was just such a great place. (Thank you Nathan, and family and friends for such a great time).

Brisbane Skyline

As always, here is my list of free or cheap places to stop and check out if  you’re  ever in the area:

1. Glasshouse mountains – Any day, anytime these mountains are beautiful and the hikes are relatively easy too. I love my free activities so if you have a vehicle this is a perfect way to spend a day. Pack a picnic and walk through the country side then get an amazing view at sunset before heading back to your accommodations.

mountain sunset

mountain sunset

2. Cedar creek – A small river running from one of the many mountains just west of Brisbane. It’s a lovely drive to the end of the road then walk along the creek till you find some beautiful waterfalls. Don’t be discouraged by the ‘gated’ community at the end of the road, just find your way to the creek and walk up that way, the locals don’t really like it when all the people walk through the settlement. Gorgeous to swim in and cool down or find a hot rock to do some relaxing on. Keep exploring because around every bend is a new sight better than the last.

Cedar Creek, Australia

Cedar Creek, Australia

3. Downtown Brissy – In the city there are many things to see and do, including the pools along the river, the river cat taxi, museums and galleries plus lots of great food joints and shopping.

Brisbane Art

Brisbane Sunset

4. Bribie Island – No need to spend money on a ferry when you can drive over to Bribie Island and check out some of the beaches. Grab some fish and chips on the beach and try to catch a wave!

surfs up


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