Skip forward to Western Australia, Karijini National Park

Back on the road again!

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So I’ve been a little slow with my posts, and I know I promised at least one post a week but lately has been crazy.  First of all, I had to quit my job.  For those of you who don’t know how the Australian Working Holiday Visa works, you can not work for the same employer for more than 6 months.  My 6 months were up so I had to leave.  You would think I would have so much time to keep this blog updated with no job but unfortunately we also had to leave our house at the same time.  We were house-sitting for a few months and the times lined up perfectly that everything was done (for me) at the same time, so what better time to take a holiday than when you have no job and no rent!  Thing is, the boyfriend’s company didn’t think it was a great idea to go when we wanted so we had to wait.  But where are we going to wait?  We have no place to live lol.  Thankfully I have wonderful friends who took us into their home and offered us a room in their sharehouse for an amazingly small price.  So the big job became moving.  Then finally after packing and moving and unpacking then packing again we were off on our holidays!!  Two weeks on the road in Western Australia.

So I will take a small break from telling you about the east coast, but don’t worry because I will get back to it.  The West coast is nice and fresh in the mind so I’m going to jump across the country and tell you of the amazing Western Australia that we got the privilege to see. The real Australia, as they say.

Here are some shots from Karijini National Park.  The colours are true to what you see here.  The dirt is so red and it glows in the evenings and sticks to everything.  Never wear white in the outback lol, you can’t get that dirt out with anything.

We only got to stay for 3 nights because 2 weeks is a small time frame to see what we wanted to see.  I’d suggest 5 nights and a 4×4 with extra petrol cans and water on the roof rack, you’re gonna need it all and then some.  It is hot hot hot, very dry, lots of flies and the closest town is over an hour away, it may not sound like your fantasy holiday but I’m here to tell you it is.  Think beautiful gorges and trails to walk everyday, a photographer’s dream of views, wildlife, hot rocks by fresh water pools, amazing sunsets, a sea of the brightest stars you can imagine, and the peace and quiet of only a select few other fellow travelers.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  If you would like a copy of any other the shots, I have them on sale for the small price of 2.99AUS.  Just click here to go to my shop page for these and other great shots (if they are not up yet, just wait they will be).


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