Are you truly Rich?

A Hybrid Lifestyle: a lesson in life management

Are you rich in wallet or rich in heart? I feel there seems to be 2 kinds of rich, and those riches can be broken down into all sorts of categories too but I’m here talking about the 2 main kinds; Heart and Wallet. Both are quite self-explanatory and though they are both under the category “rich” they both seem to be opposites of each other. I’m wondering if you can live a hybrid lifestyle with them both.

Rich in heart; in my opinion is someone who is happy with what they have, love the people around them and are generally good or better than good people. They still strive to better themselves but won’t step on others to get there; they would actually pull others up with them. They are giving individuals that have a happiness inside of them that is contagious to the people around. They don’t seem to stress about the small things or the large things for that matter too. They may not have much, but they don’t need much, and they probably don’t want much.

Rich in wallet; well you don’t have to be smart to figure out that this one is just plain old has a lot of wealth. Be it cash in the bank or property investments, this person is sitting pretty with nothing to worry about…but wait, they do worry, they worry a lot, they worry about losing it. They may be hard workers (if they didn’t get given the money) and long-houred workers. They may have all the fun toys but not very much time to use them. They may always want more and better things but can’t seem to satisfy their hunger for them. Being happy, like really happy seems like a rarity for these folks because they will always want more (remember, this blog is just my opinion).

Knowing these 2 types now, the question is how do I marry them together? I’m not asking to be a millionaire, though that would be awesome, I’m just wanting a portfolio of wealth that gets me by and pays for my travels while I wonder the earth with a giant smile on my face surrounded by people whom I love! Too much to ask for? I don’t think so, and I don’t think I should be the only one asking. Everyone should be able to have enough money saved and invested to help them through life and everyone should be happy and content with what they have in the bank and in life. We may not have much but that’s ok if we don’t need much, and trust me, after living in a car for a year (on purpose) you learn what the necessities are and one isn’t an iphone5.

So, every dream can be a goal and every goal needs a plan right? Here is my life plan for a truly rich life.

1.Live cheap. Minimize monthly bills like car payments, rent, cell phones, internet, even house utilities can be made smaller with changes. So I’ll be the one driving a beater car or biking if I can, living with roomies (or very small studio pad), talking on an old phone with only free wifi, turning all the lights out and unplugging unused appliances.

2. Love the people around me. This is ongoing so it doesn’t really need a number but it had to go somewhere. I will spend time with my family and friends, I will help them if they need it, I will celebrate celebrations with them and share experiences with them. I will surround myself with love and give away as much as humanly possible. I will love.

3. With all the extra money I save from following step 1, I will invest. Others may need to add a pay off all debts with the extra money step, and if so, that is ok, just split it into this one. I will stash every extra penny and invest in many things big and small, I may even turn it into a little monopoly game.

4. Surround myself with beauty. Beautiful people, landscapes, animals, music, art, passions. Not only surround myself with it but really see it and appreciate it. All the tiny small things in life that are beautiful need to be seen and appreciated to be felt.

5. Start a business. In essence this is the step that means do something you love. My passion is starting a business so I will do that. Your passion might be working for a specific firm or company doing a certain job. Either way, find a place to work that brings you pure joy and passion, if it doesn’t find something else. Life is short and you don’t need to put up crap that makes you miserable.

6. Travel. It’s my passion and if I skip it I will always miss it so it’s on the list.

7. Mediate. Exercise. Eat right. Smile.

We all want the same thing but we all take different roads to get there.

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