New South Wales and the road more or less traveled

As you know (or if you’re just joining me, then as you’re about the know) I’ve been chatting about my experiences backpacking around Australia, what I’ve seen, what I’ve learned and what you can expect from an experience like mine (ours, there are 2 of us).
So I’m up to the part where the weather is starting to turn cold and rainy in the south (typical May weather) and it’s time to follow the sun up the coast…to Byron Bay.
My first piece of advice to backpackers with cars; get off the highway!! Seriously, there is so much to see when you get off the fast-track. Stop at each and every Info Center you can find and ask them what is around because you will undoubtedly find your favorite spot this way. We met some amazing people and saw some amazing sights. We also missed a lot when we started out by just taking the highway to our destination. If I could go back and do it again I would from start to finish take the road less traveled.
I don’t want to give all the secret spots away, you’ll have to find them yourself (that’s half the fun) but I have put together a small list of Do-Not-Miss-Spots that are still top in my memory from a year ago.

Pebbly Beach in the Murramarang National Park – South NSW

We stayed here for 1 night but should have made it a week. I’m sure there is so much in the area to see but for me it was the amazing amount of kangaroos big and small hanging around the beach and through the park. You can even get close enough to pet them if you have the guts. Watch your step though, you’ll see why they give it the name “pebbly” beach by the all the turd pellets.

The Blue Mountains – outside of Sydney.

I need to complain that we did not stop because we were having an argument in the car when we were driving through here (expect to have some disagreements if you’re stuck in a car with the same person 24/7. It’s not about the fight it’s about how you make up that matters). I have heard though that the mist that sits over the mountains in the morning have a blue color from the oils in the trees there. Great look outs and picture ops here. Even in a bad mood I thought the drive was just fantastic, this goes for the highway north of Sydney too…AMAZING!

Ellenborough Falls – West of Port Macquarie

This area of the hinterland is breathtakingly beautiful. It rained hard on us but locals were so kind and put us up in a great clubhouse for the night. Don’t forget to stop at “the shop” to have a chat. The falls is great with lots of trails, if you go when it’s wet you’ll find some blood suckers on the rocks around the base, but don’t let that deter you from the adventure.

The Beaches – All of them

The best thing about backpacking with a car is waking up overlooking a beach. Making a coffee and sitting there watching the waves crash. Meditating on how wonderful life is with the sounds of the real live ocean surrounding you.

Then we get to the area around Byron Bay. There really is so much to see there it will take a whole other post for that one. Stay tuned for
Bryon bay and the hippy life

3 thoughts on “New South Wales and the road more or less traveled

    1. Hey Sharry, Thanks for reading. You’ll be surprised on how many are around, though this is the only place we could get that close. Just a little hint if you are driving on your trip; don’t drive at dusk, for some reason they come out in droves to play chicken with cars.When are you coming out to the great land of OZ?

      1. Good to know! I’m wavering between Australia and Italy right now! (I only have enough cash to go to one or the other this year) – it will be a trip in April or May!

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