A Day in Melbourne, my new favorite city

Ah Melbourne! Sits on the water in the Port Phillip Bay in the state of Victoria. Kite surfing seems to be the national sport here since there is a good number of windy days that are perfect for surf junkies. Also they have an amazing coffee culture which have inspired whole magazines in the city. My favorite part of the city was the alleyways where all the cool little restaurants, shops and graffiti art live.
I’m not a city person at all. Actually I detest them, they make me anxious, nervous, and overwhelmed and if I’m there too long, depressed. I prefer to stick to the small towns and country air, wide open spaces and close-knit communities. To me cities are stale and stuffy, a concrete jungle with millions of ants (that’s us, the humans). I believe cities have their place but I don’t belong in them. Now Melbourne is the first city that has made me rethink how I feel about cities. Well I guess not how I feel about cities but how I feel about that city.

Melbourne is alive. Not in the sense that it’s buzzing with life, but the city itself, the buildings seem to have their own character. The architecture, the color, the art. Statues and graffiti everywhere. It is such a mishmash of so many different things, anyone can find their own niche in this place. It really is a beautiful city.
We spent 1 day there (as much as a person with a city-phobia can handle), not much I know, but we saw so much. Went downtown and caught free transit to all the major sites. We went to a great big market for shopping, the harbor front for sushi, art and sweet boats, downtown for the alleyways and graffiti, the museum for a Buddha display, Queen Victoria Gardens and the Botanical Gardens. All in one day. That was crazy but amazing. The vibe is vibrant and happy; it just makes you feel great to be there. I would suggest taking a day for each though, because there is SOO much to see.

Arm yourself with maps and get ready for a roller-coaster of fun if you’re planning on a visit to Melbourne. And don’t forget to get out of the city too. Down the Mornington Peninsula the beaches are picture perfect and there are wineries all over the countryside. You can head over to the Phillip Island for the Penguin Parade too. Great fun.

Sydney people may not like me after this post but I have to stick to my heart so I’m on team Melbourne all the way! I think if I were to relocate to an Australian city, Melbourne area would be one of my top choices, well one of them…

Click the pics for a better view!

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