Is this life worth the money?

I need to figure out what I want. We are on our second year visa in Australia right now and we have until March here (approx. 7months). While we are here do I want to live the “free” life, moving around from job to job, having a good time with no bills and responsibilities or do I want to setup shop and make some money for the future? Money is great but it is addictive, you always want want want, more more more. I know we can travel around and still put money away for future travels, we’ve done it very successfully last year, but there is risk that we won’t get jobs. But with that risk we get a beach front view from our window every morning if we choose, and no rent or electricity bills piling up either. If we stay in the city for money we get the benefit of high paying jobs with the risk of our sanity.

I think this is a question that will hound me forever, at every stage in life. Do I run free and do things differently or do I take the safe route? The safe route is safe, it’s tested, it works, it’s what everyone does. The other route is unsafe, it’s unknown, it’s ever changing, the risk is high but the rewards are much higher.

I guess I should describe the lifestyle of each direction, which I am choosing from;

Route 1: The Safe Route (the route we have been taking for the last 4-5 months)
An apartment, a good paying full-time job, in the city. Go to work, come home, go to bed, do it again the next day. Weekends can be spent camping (if we get a car) or just hanging out at home drinking because it’s too expensive to go out anywhere in the city. Not being a city person, I’d find my life claustrophobic and boring. My mind isn’t clear in the city, it’s hard to explain but since being in the city my skin has been uncontrollable, my hair has been crap and actually turning grey, I’ve been stressed. Our bank account has been growing though, and that is why we are here. We have officially paid off all our debts and want to save a large portion for more travel then future plans at home. It’s a very big give and take and I can’t decide if the good outweigh the bad.

Route 2: The Alternative Route
This route is always changing. This looks like; living in a car/van, moving around to where ever we feel like going, working odd jobs that pay well but staying there only as long as we want. When we get bored or don’t like it anymore, we leave to the next place. Work is not constant but our expenses are very low so we can save a lot when we are working and keep it for longer when we aren’t working. It’s not glamorous, especially when the weather is bad but we have the freedom to do what you want when we want. If the weather is bad in the south we head north and work up there for a few months. When the weather becomes beautiful in the south we head down there for a few months. The money won’t be as good, but we would come out of it with more experiences and a better head-space.

So the question is; is money worth the hassle?

2 thoughts on “Is this life worth the money?

  1. all interesting choices – just know that whichever you choose you will be successful (depending of course on what your definition of success is) you really need to find the kind of job or profession that doesn’t feel like work so that everyday reallly feels like you’re doing what you want to be doing. look back at some of your so called “free” times when you were stressed as well. is it possible that your greying hair etc has more to do with nutrition and lifestyle choices you make when you are NOT on the road versus those bad habits one slides into when they have a roof over their head and constant paycheck. i think many of us have a tendency to take too many things for granted when our lives are stable and repetivie and do not appreciate the need to make time for hiking, biking swimming etc and of course meditation. we just saw jackie chan tell the world he will be leaving all his money to charity and using as much as he wants in his lifetime but his son will not be receiving anything – nor will any other family member. He believes in his sons ability to make his own millions and enjoy doing it. I too have confidence in your ability and your significant others as well to really live and enjoy your life no matter which route you choose and make as much money as you think you want or need including buying boats and property etc. (Also nadie I think its easier for you not to care about aquiring property (stabilty) as you’ve been there done that)

  2. Great comments Karen. I think the challenge for us is finding a hybrid lifestyle between the two. Setting something up in life where we love our work but aren’t tied down by it. Where we love our home but don’t become hermits. It’s a juggling act, but one I think that will be fun to figure out…right now, out here in Australia, we’re just practicing!

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