Great Ocean Road; Great Open Adventures


Before we first ran out of money we had been in la la land for maybe a month and a half. Living in the car on the side of the road overlooking the ocean, or in our tent not far from the ocean overlooking something else cool. We cooked, we ate, we talked, we got to know eachother. We slept, we swam, we lazed in the sun, we sightseed. We wrote, we read, we took photos, we facebooked. We smiled. We laughed. We had fun. We rang out of money. So we found a great free campground.


No showers, outhouse style toilets and koala bears in the trees (which by the way make the scariest noises at night if you don’t know what it is, I mean crap your pants, there is something out there that is going to eat me tonight kind of scary). We were about 20 minutes from the closest town which also happened to have a small hair salon with a “help wanted” sign in the window. Bingo! One week later I was working 25 hours a week on Australian wages (very high). Then we noticed one of our tires had a flat and we had to fill it every day before heading out to the campsite. Then the rain and wind came to take out tent away. But my partner picked up a job at a local café, washing dishes so he wasn’t bored while I worked and we bought a new tire. After a few weeks of rain (and showering in public showers before work) we moved to a new campground in town, that get this, had a community kitchen with a TV! Yes folks a real stove, real fridge and a loud annoying background noise maker. We were saving money on petrol and staying kinda dry in the process (that was when we learned our tent wasn’t quite waterproof), it was perfect. No matter what life threw at us out there we were OK. It actually became our motto “no matter what, we are going to be OK”. We laughed through it and made friends through it.


This all happened on the Great Ocean Road on the south coast of Oz. If you ever go to Australia, get a vehicle and do the GOR. This is where the 12 Apostles and Bells Beach are. There are also hidden beauties like the enchanted Mulba Gully where you walk through the rainforest at night and find yourself surrounded by millions of tiny glowworms sparkling in a galaxy around you. Unbelievable. Or the town of Lorne, that has the most breathtaking beach and blue waters. Or the lighthouse road where there are hundreds of dozy koalas in the eucalyptus trees above. Every corner will give you a story. Every sight is postcard worthy.


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