My first Blog

Ahh, my first post besides my profile post.  Well I guess I should just write a list of promises to myself and this site.

  1. I will post at least one thing per week.  Be it a blog post, a picture via instagram, a new link or an inspirational message.  If I am out of internet range due to outback traveling I will double post the next week
  2. I will not rant about negative things.  This is to be a positive and enlightening site for all to enjoy.  I want to put out good energies
  3. I want to inspire
  4. I want to show beauty
  5. I want to share my experiences and thoughts

Well that’s all I can think of for now, but I think it’s a good start.

Here is something for #4.  A small gallery of shots from our resent trip to Thailand

We stayed in Thailand for a month and these shots show approx 2 days of our time there.  I’ll post another day about our actual trip but I thought I’d get this blog up and running with some nice pictures I took.

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